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Locket – has a story behind

Locket has an interesting story behind the veil. It is desired and most favorite jewelry item and has turned to be as trendy as any other jewelry stuff can be. The history of lockets started from very early time when people use to put a string of thread or any stuff around the neck to [...]


Gold Locket- A golden way to express yourself

Gold has been the symbol of wealth and eminence for centuries. Gold locket is considered best and most favorite among all precious jewelry items. This is the fact that gold has been the most useable metal especially for jewelry and ornaments since the time human started to develop social concept. It seems that gold ever [...]


Silver Locket Brings the Shine in Eyes

Silver brings the shine in eyes and if it is a silver locket, it brings lovely smile on faces. Silver jewelry has been the choice of women for centuries and definitely Silver locket is an excellent gift for someone very special in life. This is splendid, this is impressive and the most favorable thing about [...]


Present your Love in Locket Heart

Though there is no need to have a reason to celebrate a day, if you have passion and love for life, you can celebrate every day of the year. August is the month full of life and zest and hot summer could not even interrupt celebrations in the month. Those who love to celebrate, love [...]

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