Unique Lockets

Lockets are the most commonly used jewelry stuff, design of the locket make it unique. Lockets are frequently used not only by women but also by men. A pendent with a beautiful, slight chain in your neck has become the most common trend around the world. Lockets with variety of styles and colors have got too much popularity among teen ages that special lockets are designed for girls and boys.
Unique lockets are designed for special occasions, there are various locket designs used for special occasions like military pendants, pet memorial lockets, vintage lockets, cremation lockets, baby lockets, and various campaigns lockets that are design according to the theme of campaign.
New Mom lockets are designed for the first time mothers, these lockets are available in different styles. Some of these lockets are designed with frame in which mother can keep the photo of her new born.
Children lockets are designed with childhood ideas. Children lockets are engraved with fairies and butterflies and with the pictures of their favorite cartoon personas and favorite characters such as spider man locket, Hanna Montana lockets, Cinderella lockets and kitty lockets.
Engraved lockets are also unique in their style and presentation. You can get a locket for your loved one with an engraved message and name.
Campaign lockets are designed and prepared for various specific purpose such as Stephen Webster’s ‘No More Malaria’ lockets are designed for campaign against malaria. You can read the original article here http://www.luxist.com/2010/11/03/stephen-websters-malaria-no-more-locket/
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