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Costume Jewelry is the Latest Trend

The latest fad in jewelry world is here. It’s costume jewelry. Although termed as junk jewelry, it is finding places with the fashion conscious people. Costume jewelry is made from materials, such as plastic, shells, flowers, metals, beads, stones, or glass, etc. Several designers and manufacturers are engaged in designing and manufacturing striking and innovative [...]


Locket Necklaces – Always Trendy

Locket necklaces have been worn since centuries to look good and fashionable. Despite the advent of several new and innovative necklace designs in the jewelry world, locket necklace has been able to hold their place proudly. In the recently conducted Golden Globe Awards function, we saw some astonishing varieties of necklaces adorned by Hollywood beauties. [...]


Latest Trend of Skull Jewelry

After cars and clothes, it’s jewelry on which men focus their attention. In fact, men’s jewelry is becoming popular with each passing day. The latest fad in men’s jewelry is skull and bones designed jewelry. This trend can largely be attributed to the success of the Hollywood blockbuster “Pirates of the Caribbean.” The lead actor [...]


Keeping Pace with Latest Jewelry Trends

Trends in jewelry world change faster than any other industry. Every new season brings in innovative designs with it. You need to be really passionate about jewelry so as to keep pace with the ever changing scenario in terms of designs and styles. However, you need to develop a style for yourself if you want [...]


Buying Jewelry Online

With the advent of all kinds of shopping sites over the Internet, it has become easy for you to shop for jewelry online. These online shopping sites are rich in terms of products they sell and also the rates at which they make the items available. Moreover, online jewelry shopping allows you to choose things [...]


Men Buy Jewelry at Last Minute

According to facts revealed by some well known jewelers, men buy jewelry in the last days of holiday season. The reason attributed to this behavior is the procrastinating nature of males. They keep on postponing their buying decision till the last minute and get anxious when the holiday season nears its end. To give you [...]

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