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Give a Gift of Jewelry to Soften a Woman’s Heart

Gift giving is a heart-warming experience and when you see the pleasure of your loved when your gift is unpacked and opened; your heart is fit to burst. When a gift has been personalized with an engraved name or a personal message it becomes doubly special. Women always feel special when presented with a surprise, [...]


Gold lockets for the one you love!

Are you trying to express to someone special how you feel about her but just cannot find the words to do so? If so, then the answer to your problem is jewelry. Jewelry is something that can easily solve your problem of not being able to express to your special someone how much you care. [...]


Bring out your own style with the new Queen Bead Collection by Chi Huynh: Artist and jeweler!

A popular artist and jeweler by the name of Chi Huynh has caught the eye of many due to his exquisite jewelry designs. His work surrounds pearls which despite being elegant and beautiful on their own are further made to look exquisite by this designer. His pieces of jewelry incorporate pearls which are carved into [...]


Varieties of lockets for someone you love!

The way people dress and the accessories that they wear portray their personality and what kind of people they are. Just the way in which people pick their clothes according to the cut, color and style, jewelry too is give the same amount of importance. But jewelry is mostly worn as a form of self [...]


Gold Lockets: A gift for any and every occasion

Gold lockets have been popular for a number of years and are worn by women of all ages and also by women who are in different classes and have their own style. Centuries ago, women needed a reason to wear gold lockets but now days they have no reason as this piece of jewelry has [...]

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