Vintage Victorian Lockets are Precious Gifts

The Victorian Era is a romantic era, when gentlemen respected the rights of ladies and courting was so formal. Couples in love were chaperoned and they rarely had time to be together without being watched by parents or an elderly aunt. Heart shaped lockets were then given to widows and mothers to remember someone dearly departed, but as the years progressed and lockets got handed down to sons and daughters and their descendants, they took on a romantic meaning. It signified that the young lady is in high regard because she is being handed down a precious inheritance.

There are Vintage Victorian Lockets in the market that can be precious originals or stunning pieces modeled after the original Victorian styles that are great for gifts. An example is the perfume locket which the old Victorian ladies used to wear with a puff inside soaked in perfume. They look exquisite and they make the wearer carrying it around over her bosom smell heavenly.

These vintage lockets can have monograms or personal messages engraved on them like the modern lockets. Engravings give the gift a personal touch and make the woman feel special. Instead of having paper pictures inside the locket, these new lockets can have permanently lasered photos inside them. The locket itself can be made of 14 carats yellow gold, 14 carats white gold, sterling silver, 18 carats gold or studded with diamonds and other precious stones.

Laser engraving of colored pictures in the lockets make them long-lasting permanent keepsakes. Wearers get gorgeous jewelry pieces that can contain colored images of their loved ones they can always look at whenever they wish.


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