Jennifer Aniston’s gigantic rock

Have you seen Jen’s new engagement ring from Justin?  EIGHT carats of sparkly “happily ever promise” adorns her effortlessly stylish hand.  Some have written that it doesn’t fit with her typical minimalist and understated elegant style, but after her troubled past with relationships, something completely different, something that WOWS her is exactly what is called for here.  We can all get stuck in fashion ruts, sticking to safe choices in our jewelry, but sometimes a change from the ordinary is just what is needed to liven things up.

Classic clean looks like Jennifer Aniston wears is the perfect kind of wardrobe to use as a canvas for unique pieces of jewelry.  A simple pair of black pants with a white or grey top is the perfect background for a silver locket.  A gold locket will look best with a tan or brown top as a background.  Or mix it up and wear two lockets on a chain for a unique look that wows and turns heads much like Jennifer Aniston’s new ring.  Just remember to keep your outfits simple and classic and let the fantastic jewelry shine!


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