Pearls are everywhere these days. From socialites in ball gowns to brides in their wedding dresses to casual Friday career women in jeans and cardigans, pearls are making an appearance. Pearl chokers, earrings, or cuff bracelets adorning a ball gown are like icing on a gorgeous cake. Worn with a wedding dress, pearls are a classic statement (although if one has access to borrowed expensive diamonds, for your wedding, ditch the pearls girls!) And who doesn’t love the effortless casual look of jeans and a soft cami paired with pearls to glam up what would otherwise be an everyday unremarkable outfit!

Going for a quick walk or a jog? Throw on black yoga pants, a brightly colored sport tee, a baseball cap with your ponytail pulled through the back and don’t forget those simple pearl earrings to keep your polish even when working up a sweat. No matter the occasion, when in doubt, wear pearls. You can never go wrong!

And while you are at it, why not pair those pearls with a gold heart locket?


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