San Francisco Fashion!

While out and about the beautiful streets of San Francisco the other day I noticed lots of bold fashion statements. Skinny jeans and flats paired with flowing sheer blouses over delicate camis with lots of fantastic jewelry accents. Many women were spotted with chunky gold and multi colored cuff bracelets as well as several beaded bangles, charm bracelets and elastic bracelets in mixed and matched colors. Teardrop chandelier earrings featured prominently amongst the hipster city crowd as well. I also spotted lots gold lockets and silver lockets on long chains hanging casually over the blousy tops.

Another popular look seen on many stylish women was long maxi dresses and skirts coupled with tank tops or fitted tees. Peeking through under the skirts were chunky wedge sandals as well as neutral colored flip-flops. The jewelry paired with these outfits was both casual and whimsical and ranged from feather earrings to large gold hoops on the ears and giant flower or gem cocktail rings. One new trend I noticed was multiple gold lockets and silver locket necklaces worn all at once in different lengths. I found this new trend to be a unique way of self-expression. One could pair a silver cross locket with an oval floral etched locket on different chains or all on one chain. Such a clever idea, don’t you think?


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