Keeping time and looking cute

On a recent visit with my niece, I noticed she had a long necklace with a small clock hanging from it. I thought this was a brilliant alternative to wearing a watch on your wrist. The watch looked similar in size and shape to a pocket watch and hung low which is a look that works best with a roomy tee over fitted jeans.

In the Victorian Era this was a common look.  Well-dressed ladies wore “long chains,” sometimes looped and caught on the bodice with a brooch, sometimes worn full length, and often holding a lorgnette or watch.  I think this look also pairs well with today’s woman worn with a nice dress.  I love the look of mixing pieces from different eras in one outfit as I feel it makes certain pieces really stand out.  A simple black shift dress coupled with one of these watch lockets elegantly highlights the locket.  And don’t be afraid to get creative with this look and add a few interesting charms along with the watch and express your individuality!


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