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Keeping time and looking cute

On a recent visit with my niece, I noticed she had a long necklace with a small clock hanging from it. I thought this was a brilliant alternative to wearing a watch on your wrist. The watch looked similar in size and shape to a pocket watch and hung low which is a look that [...]


Vintage Victorian Lockets are Precious Gifts

The Victorian Era is a romantic era, when gentlemen respected the rights of ladies and courting was so formal. Couples in love were chaperoned and they rarely had time to be together without being watched by parents or an elderly aunt. Heart shaped lockets were then given to widows and mothers to remember someone dearly [...]


Unique Lockets

Lockets are the most commonly used jewelry stuff, design of the locket make it unique. Lockets are frequently used not only by women but also by men. A pendent with a beautiful, slight chain in your neck has become the most common trend around the world. Lockets with variety of styles and colors have got [...]

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